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Matte xo Lashes

  • Lash Foamies

    Achieve the perfect lash extensions with our microfoam pads. Designed for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

  • Eco Brush

    Join the movement towards a greener future with our reusable lash extension Eco Brush. Say goodbye to disposable brushes.

  • Tweezer Cleaner

    Keep your lash tweezers clean and ready for use with our easy-to-use tweezer cleaner, designed to effortlessly remove stubborn glue residue.

  • Kit Station & 3 Minis

    Experience a new level of organization and security for your lash tools with our revolutionary lash tile kit.

  • Duo Station & 1 Mini

    Experience the best of both worlds with our innovative lash tile Duo. It offers a safe and organized storage solution for your lashes.

  • Mini

    Keep your lash extensions safe and organized with our mini. A must-have for any professional lash artist.

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  • Wave Bed

    Experience ultimate comfort and style with our luxurious wave bed. Combining sophistication with practicality, it's the perfect addition to your lash room.

  • Flat Mattress

    Offer the luxury naps your clients deserve without breaking the bank with our budget-friendly flat mattress.

  • 4 Fold

    Experience the epitome of comfort and luxury with our ultra plush and foldable lash mattress. Lash nap like royalty.

  • LOÜ Barbie Edition

    Experience the epitome of refined luxury with our Bardie edition mattress, a true sanctuary for those seeking the highest standard of feminine elegance.

  • Leg Pillow

    Experience ultimate comfort and relief from back pain with our high-quality leg cussion. Specially designed for use on our flat mattress and 4 fold.

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