About Üs

LOÜ Distributions is a Canadian owned and operated compagny originating from Quebec ! The founder, Tova Stolow is a long time lash extension specialist. Using her knowledge and seeking to perfect the art of lashing, she went on the complexe journey of discovering new tools and products to enhance both the clients and technicians experience !

Being in the performing arts industry for over 10 years, Tova began a new journey as a lash extension technician in 2018 under the original name of Tova Lash Academy. After only 3 years she was certified to be a lash extension trainer by a renown academy and had developed a large following base on her social media platforms. Through these platforms, she discovered the needs of many other technicians and decided to get involved in change. Using her creative skills, she followed her own path to offer unique and luxurious products to the beauty industry. 

LOÜ represents Tova's daughter, Layla who is 6 at the time. Her son Joshua is also involved in the creating process and you will find the J collection !

Her vision is now creation and she has much more change to offer to the beauty industry with LOÜ Distributions.