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Barbie Wave Bed

Barbie Wave Bed

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Barbie X LOÜ

From our Luxury Beds Collection, we introduce to you our Ergonomic Wave memory foam beauty matress topper. This will become your asbolute bestie! Its unmatched beauty and comfort is all your clients will need to get their well deserved lash naps ans enjoy the most comfortable experience. Boost your business client satisfaction today and earn more money !


The matress is completely covered with a non slip Diamond Velvet fabric. It is soft to the touch, easy to set up and easy to clean. The matress is made of 2 seperate memory foam layers! A bottom layer is 25D high resillience foam to ensure stability and structure as the top layer is made with a 40D luxurious and dreamy memory foam. This design is 60*180*18cm and covers the entire massage table in standard size. The kit includes 1x matress, the ajustable table cover and 1x pvc cover to ensure sanitary cleaning. 


Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery. 
Please verify our FAQ section for warranty and returns. 

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